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GFX Adoption Application

The adoption application gives us an opportunity to get to know you and your family better so that we can select the best ferret for your household. No one answer is more correct than any other, be honest with your responses so you can be matched with the right individual. Complete and detailed answers will help speed up the application process, please select an answer for every question on the form. Completing the adoption application is a required pre-requisite to adopting a GFX ferret. A deposit for your choice of ferret will only be accepted after the adoption application has been approved.

Contact Information
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Ferret Wish List

Let us know exactly what you're looking for in your next ferret so we can help you choose the best match.

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Where Will Your Ferret Live?

Tell us about the kind of housing and environment your GFX ferret will be living in.

You live in a: Do you rent or own?
Do children live with you? If so, what ages?
Your ferret(s) will live: Ferret housing type:
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Who Will Your Ferret Live With?

Tell us what kind and how many friends your ferret will be living with.

Do you have ferrets now? How many ferret do you have?  
Do you have any pets other than ferrets?  
Indoor Pets: How many of each?

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Outdoor Pets: How many of each?

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Who will care for your GFX ferret when you go out of town?

Tell us a little bit more about your current or recently passed pets:


Please fill out this information completely, veterinary reference info will be verified.

Are you a member of any ferret club, rescue or organization(s)? If so, please provide the organization name(s):

Have you purchased a ferret from a breeder in the past? If so, please let us know who:

If you have a regular ferret vet, please provide the practice name, location and contact info here:

Do you know if your ferret vet is able to perform the required spay or neuter surgery? If not, you will need to locate a vet local to you who is able to perform this surgery if you are purchasing a kit.

Please provide the practice name, location and contact info of the vet who will perform the spay/neuter surgery here:

Tell us about you

Tell us a little bit more about yourself and the home you'll be able to provide for a GFX ferret